News / Announcements

Spraying for Weeds

The Town Board requests property owners to help decrease mudslides and property damage due to rain by keeping stream banks, steep slopes, creek beds, and similar water-related areas clear of debris, but to allow natural vegetation to grow up. Please do not use herbicides in those areas.

Hunting Licenses and Doe Permits are now available

Gillibrand announces effort to designate Finger Lakes as National Heritage

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants the world to know about the Finger Lakes Region, so she's agreed to champion the effort to seek its designation as a National Heritage Area. 

Compost Hours

The compost site is open Fridays and Saturdays from 9 to 4, and by appointment on Mondays. A compost permit is required, but you can obtain one at the site.

Realty Signs

A notification to area realtor's regarding signs, in the Town of Wayne, advertising property for sale, lease or rent.

The Town of Wayne Realty Sign Regulations allows one sign no greater than twenty square feet, located on the premises that is for sale, lease or rent. Such signs shall be removed within one month following the completion of such transaction. All other sign for outdoor advertising are not allowed, including directional signs related to the properties for sale, lease or rent. No sign shall be located in a public right of way and any located as such will be removed by the Highway Superintendent or his designee.