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Aisle of Pines

  • Aisle of Pines Aisle of Pines

  • Hallet House with Birge plane Hallet House with Birge plane

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Historic Architecture

  • Berry Evaporator Berry Evaporator

  • Wayne School #16 Wayne School #16

  • The Lake Keuka Club - circa 1880s The Lake Keuka Club - circa 1880s
    Adjacent to Grove Springs Hotel
  • The Old Wayne Hotel The Old Wayne Hotel
    This shows the Wayne Hotel which burned on December 18, 1905.  It was located in the hamlet of Wayne across from the old Crookston store.  You can see the Wayne Baptist Church way in the background.

  • Keuka Schoolhouse Keuka Schoolhouse

  • Wixson Homestead Wixson Homestead
    On Waneta Lake.  Earliest Homestead in Town of Wayne - early 1900s.
  • Wixson Cottage & Store Wixson Cottage & Store

  • Grove Springs Hotel Grove Springs Hotel

  • Sackett's Store Sackett's Store

  • Keuka Hotel Keuka Hotel
    Front of Keuka Hotel from the dock.
  • Keuka Hotel Porch Keuka Hotel Porch
    Porches overlooking the lake, Keuka Hotel, Keuka, N.Y.
  • Keuka Hydroelectric Building Keuka Hydroelectric Building
    Keuka Hydro building built in 1928.
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  • Founders of the Grange Founders of the Grange

  • Harry Houck and thrasher Harry Houck and thrasher

  • Francis M. McDowell Francis M. McDowell
    Francis M. McDowell, born in Wayne, NY, was one of the founders of the National Grange, Order of the Patrons of Husbandry.  He was the first high priest of Demeter of the Grange, and the treasurer of the National Grange for twenty years.  A vineyardist and a banker.

  • Alderman Francis Gleason Alderman Francis Gleason
    November 29, 1891 - October 28, 1979. 

  • Belle and Leland Sackett Belle and Leland Sackett
    Belle and Leland (brother to Bert) Sackett. This photo was taken across from the Keuka Hotel and on the side of the Sackett Store circa 1920s. This photo is from Bob Canfield's collection.
  • Hallett Family Hallett Family
    Aisle of Pines Samuel Hallett Family Circa 1850s
  • Ole Guys Ole Guys
    Ben Reno and Richard Canfield on Keuka Landing ~1900.
  • Samuel Hallett Samuel Hallett

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Scenic Landscapes

  • Lake Waneta in Fall Lake Waneta in Fall

  • Hyatt Hill Keuka Hyatt Hill Keuka

  • Wayne Shores Wayne Shores

  • Vineyards Vineyards

  • Bluff Point Bluff Point
    This is the tip of the bluff looking North.
  • Bluff Background Bluff Background

  • Fall Colors Fall Colors

  • Keuka Lake Keuka Lake

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