Permit Applications & Regulations

Permit Applications & Regulations

Applications & Regulations as PDF documents that require Adobe Reader to view.

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Building Code

Building Permit Inspection Report (PDF; 27 KB)

Certificate of Occupancy (PDF; 78 KB)

Fee Schedules

Administrative Fee Schedule (PDF; 197 KB)

Administrative Fee Schedule (PDF; 30 KB)


Subdivision Application (PDF; 2418 KB)

Subdivision Regulations (PDF; 1642 KB)

Town Clerk

Birth Record Search Application (PDF; 81 KB)

Death Record Search Application (PDF; 34 KB)

Dog License New/Renewal Application (PDF; 48 KB)

Freedom of Information Act Request (PDF; 17 KB)

Handicapped Parking Permit (PDF; 74 KB)

Marriage Record Search Application (PDF; 93 KB)


KWIC Wastewater Treatment Law (PDF; 6644 KB)

Wastewater Treatment System Application (PDF; 972 KB)


Application for Site Development Plan (PDF; 4675 KB)

Variance Application (PDF; 2803 KB)

Demo Permit (PDF; 382 KB)

Road Use Agreement (PDF; 4115 KB)


Docks & Mooring Permit (PDF; 61 KB)

Docks & Mooring Law (PDF; 546 KB)

Solar Permit Application (PDF; 103 KB)

Special Permit Application (PDF; 691 KB)