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Hydro Plant Donation Offer

The donation offer letter is on the website. 

Attached is the donation offer letter referenced at the Special Board Meeting held on June 25th.

(PDF; 115KB)

Town of Wayne Coronavirus (Covid-19) Preparation

Preparation for residents and town operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Key to our health care systems ability to provide treatment for individuals that have contracted this virus is our collective ability to slow the rate of infections.  The best method is to reduce an infected individuals exposure to others.  All public meetings that we can cancel we will and strive to provide information via electronic means to the best of our ability.   

An infected individual should attempt to remain quarantined in their own home unless medical treatment is required at the hospital.

To assist, we have begun a list of volunteers willing to transport food and supplies to these individuals.  If you would like to volunteer please send an email to Town Clerk, Bill Mahr who is compiling the list.

Check the supervisors page for links to documents that may help you better understand this virus.

Town of Wayne Health Officer Update

At the January Town Board Meeting the attached Health Officer Update was presented.

Upstate New York, and more specifically the southern tier, has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest rates of COVID infection in the United States. In fact Steuben County reports 217 new cases of COVID and seven deaths just since New Years. The greatest spike in positive cases has occurred since November. 42 cases have been identified as residents in the Town of Wayne. (Check out the Case Map on the Steuben County Website.)

Free COVID testing is available at several sites around the county, the closest being in Bath, on Morris Street across the street from TOPS. To set up an appointment for a free test call 1-800-952-2662. This is not a blood test and no needle stick is involved, it’s just a Q-tip swab in your nose. Quick, easy, and painless. You don’t even get out of your car!

The vaccine is out there, but it is being distributed in phases throughout New York State in order of several risk factors. After entering my personal data (retired, no medical risk factors, and over 65 years) I fall into the Phase 2 group and was notified that:
• There are an estimated 3,448,196 people in front of you in New York State. That includes high risk workers in health care facilities, first responders, people with significant health problems and nursing home residents. In total, about 18% of the state population will probably get the vaccine before you.
• There are an estimated 7,125,701 people in the Phase 2 group.
• Locally, in Steuben County, New York, There are an estimated 16,316 people in front of you to get the vaccine, and 42,446 people in your group.
For questions about how the vaccines work and possible side effects, talk to your doctor, or go to a reputable web site like the Mayo Clinic site. (search: Mayo Clinic Covid Vaccine Facts)

COVID infection is still rampant. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t assume you don’t have it and won’t get it. Don’t pass it to others.

You know the drill:
 Stay home as much as possible
 Stay away from large groups of people
 Distance yourself from other people
 Wear a mask
 Wash your hands.
 Get the vaccine as soon as it is available