Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA)

The Town of Wayne, along with the 5 other towns and 2 villages that surround Keuka Lake passed a resolution in 2007, committing support for the continuation and expansion of LULA Training Program of the Land Use Law Center of Pace University, encouraging our community leaders and volunteers to participate in the Keuka Lake Watershed LULA.  The program spanned 2 years and involved more than 70 participants. 

Through their commitment and diligence, our inter-municipal network created a Watershed Land Use Planning Guide.  The guide provides a comprehensive study of the most prominent land use concerns our neighboring communities are facing today, providing a range of actions and concepts that could be used to assist any community when responding to the ever changing make-up of society while preserving our communities, our watersheds, and our resources.  In short, through inter-municipal cooperation we have created a watershed wide asset that can help us to shape our communities, individually and together, now and in the future. 

It is important to recognize that this endeavor will serve us all, that is, every member of the community lakes side or hilltop, whether on Keuka, Waneta or Seneca Lake.  The communities involved in this endeavor touch all of these lakes and the land in between; good stewardship can only enhance our communities by providing a clean, healthy and safe environment for all.  All the participating towns were asked to approve a resolution that reinforces their commitment to inter-municipal cooperation continued support Keuka Lake Watershed LULA.  This includes active representation at an annual conference to continue networking and training to address current issues and the continued update of the Planning Guide as well as the Keuka Lake Local Law Assessment and Analysis, an online reference and comparison of local municipal land use laws and comprehensive plans.

 The Wayne Town Board approved this resolution at the March meeting.