Holiday Fire Saftey

Holiday Fire Saftey

Your volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians wish you a happy holiday season, without the tragedy of fire, injury, or other disaster. We offer the following tips for a safer holiday season.
  • Use only electrical decorations that bear the "UL"(Underwriters’ Laboratories) approval decal. It signifies that at the time of manufacture, the design of the device and materials used meet national standards for fire and personal safety. Of course, any electrical device with frayed cords, faulty switches, or exposed wiring must be discarded or repaired by an electrician. 

  • Never run electrical extension cords beneath rugs, through doorways, or through window openings. Use only "outdoor approved" devices and cords, with GFI outlets or portable GFI's, in outdoor and wet locations.
  • Candles should only be used in a room where there is a competent adult present, and then, candles must never be placed near combustibles such as decorations made of paper, cardboard or pine branches. Children and pets are drawn to the beauty and aromas of candles, which calls for added precautions when they may have access.

  • Practice a home evacuation plan such as "EDITH" (Exit Drills In The Home) and determine to use it, and then call 911 from a neighbor's or a cell phone, at the first indication of a fire emergency. Do not try to salvage valuable possessions - none equal the value of your life!

  • Do not leave stove-tops unattended during cooking. Turn handles away from the front of your stove and check for evaporation of boiling liquids frequently - dry pots can start a kitchen fire!

  • Check with your local volunteer Fire Department and/or EMS providers for more holiday specific safety tips. And while you are talking with us, why not pick up an application to join in serving our communities in the toughest jobs you will ever love!