Fire Department

Wayne Fire Department
Founded in 1938

The organization of the Wayne Fire Department was started in 1938. This was primarily prompted by two very bad house and barn fires in the village. Since that time the Town of Wayne has had a very active and reliable fire department.

Wayne Fire Department Officers
Bryan Starkweather, Chief
Chuck Swarthout, 1st Assistant
Christopher Bason, 2nd Assistant
Luke Dickerson, Captain
Bill Bason, Captain
Chris Cermak, EMS Captain
Lindsey Cook, EMS Lieutenant
Mary Starkweather, Secretary
Chris Curry, President
Jim McAfee, Vice President

Board of Commissioners
Don Horton, Chairman
Brynn Day, Deputy Chairman
Larry Day, 1 year term
David Moyer, 2 year term
Gary Gray, 5 year term
Mary Starkweather, Secretary
Deb Bowers, Treasure

We Need Volunteers!

To become a member of the Wayne Fire co. one must be 18 years of age and permanently reside within the Wayne Fire District. A candidate for membership is nominated by the Chief, approved by the Trustees, the Fire Company membership and the Board of Commissioners. The new member is required to perform all duties of a volunteer fireman, including service at the fire scene, attendance of at least six meetings per year, and satisfactory completion of the Essentials Firemanship Course. A one year probationary period is instituted after which approval or disapproval is given. Once the requirements have been fulfilled and approval given the candidate becomes a member.

Contact the Wayne Fire Department at (607)292-3380
                                                          PO Box 72
                          Wayne, NY  14893

Wayne Fire Department Auxiliary Dinners for 2017

March 11    5-7pm
     Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches and Potatos

April 8th     12 noon - ...
     Chicken Bar-B-Q

June 10th     9-11am

September 9th     5-7 pm
     Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

October 14th     5-7 pm
     Turkey Dinner

November 7th     5-7 pm
     Election Day Roast Beef Dinner

2016 Fire Department Budget (PDF; 27KB)